It works with the first signage network with a presence throughout Spain

With Xprinta, your brand’s entire image is in safe hands good hands: that of professional manufacturers

Do you know the advantages of working with a national signage supplier?

If you are a company with the need to implement your image throughout Spain, discover why the Xprinta group is a specialist in the management of large signage signage projects


100% National Service

Working with your brand throughout Spain is more than having a company with subcontracted installers. Managing the image in multiple points of sale means having a network of factories that provide commercial service locally, with installation and maintenance close to each of your shops or offices.

Having Xprinta as your signage supplier means having a REAL commercial service, manufacturing, installation and maintenance throughout Spain.


360º Unified supplier

The graphic image of brands at the point of sale is displayed on a multitude of media. At Xprinta we work with outdoor signs and illuminated signs, graphic decoration with vinyls and textiles, signage and even advertising awnings.

All with an integral “turnkey” service of site visit, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance if necessary.


The best image factory

All Xprinta points are manufacturers of 90% of the signage elements we install at our customers’ sites and have more than 20 years of minimum experience. We know what we do and how we do it, because it is our own work that will be visible for your brand.

The sum of production in factories distributed throughout the national territory is the best way to optimise manufacturing capacity with geographical proximity.


Cost savings

Reduce the investment in signage per shop without losing any quality. It’s not just about what you buy, it’s also about who you buy from and how that supplier manages a job or an overall project. At Xprinta we are experts in lowering the cost of signage for point-of-sale networks.

Coordinated manufacturing with our online management system, limited travel for measuring and installation, maintenance and repairs carried out by the nearest Xprinta point of sale… all contribute to a cost optimisation unrivalled in the sector.


The fastest service

Point-of-sale branding is always left to the end, despite its importance: we help you sleep easy by meeting the most demanding timing requirements.

Express openings, complete rebranding of chains and networks, launch campaigns, one-off events. With Xprinta, put an end to stress, meet deadlines and always stay informed from your customer management area.


Your own Brand Center

Managing the image of an entire franchise network is, admittedly, complicated. Can you imagine being able to control the entire network from your computer, conveniently and instantly? Now you can.

With our BRAND CENTER you have your own document management centre, a system of folders for plans, estimates and photos of finished jobs, even with an e-mail notification system.


Product traceability

At Xprinta we ensure that each of our manufactured products has full traceability, with our online manufacturing systems coordinated throughout the network.

Colours, measurements, material references, guarantees and useful life of lighting systems… everything is controlled to always have the perfect image of your brand where it is most exposed: your points of sale.


Customer financing

At Xprinta we also take care of your company’s cash flow: we adapt to your brand’s usual method of payment and even offer you our own financing if you prefer (*).

Finance in up to four interest-free instalments via FlexiPay or up to 60 months via eRenting technology leasing. With quick online application / authorisation and without the hassle of paperwork.


Guaranteed safety

In addition to our written product guarantee contract, at Xprinta we work for the safety of each of our projects.

In addition to the mandatory training and documentation in occupational risk prevention, our work is covered by a €1M operating, product and post/work liability insurance policy of €600,000, including subsidiary and local liability of €300,000


Project legalisation service

Do you need a project or the legalisation of a crown sign or the façade of one of your premises? No problem: at Xprinta we have a project legalisation service, even with a professional visa if necessary.

The technical projects include plans, legalisation file, ICIO, luminance certificates, presentation of standardised forms and feasibility studies. A complete service to comply with advertising ordinances throughout Spain.


Travaillez avec le premier réseau de signalisation présent dans toute l'Espagne.


Our Xprinta manufacturing points are connected to a common CRM and the client has their own extranet to control their projects. The contact with the points of sale will be reflected in the system both for internal control and for the client


We will make the necessary visits for the complete data collection (measurements, photographs, etc.) at each point of action by a specialized technician. The result of each technical visit is archived in the client's Brand Center so that it is accessible 24/7/365.


Previous graphic proposal of each project according to the data collection visit carried out, with measurements and quality memory of the elements to be installed. Dumped to the client's extranet where you can check 24/7 the status of each project even from your phone.


All Xprinta points are manufacturers of 90% of the signage elements that we install in our clients' centers and have more than 20 years of minimum experience. Each product has the quality and guarantee of being manufactured by experienced professionals.


Xprinta installers have experience and training in mounting graphic image projects of all kinds, with the appropriate PRL training. Transportation times are reduced to the maximum by local manufacturing or at the nearest point.


With the proximity of Xprinta manufacturing and installation points, we are able to reduce incident resolution time as much as possible and you can even consider hiring a preventive maintenance service throughout Spain.