Why join the
Xprinta professional network

Do you know the advantages of working within a national network of professionals like you?

Add to your brand the possibility of working with national clients with a superior service to the market


Brand image

Being part of Xprinta means adding to your company the seal of being within the only network that works 100% genuinely across all of Spain, with local commercial attention, manufacturing and maintenance, and national project management.

This will be a huge selling point when you sit in front of a client who needs large signage jobs and a guarantee that you will respond to their trust in an effective and reliable way.


Work for large accounts

In the world of commercial graphic image, profitability is in the hands of the big clients: they are the ones who have the most points of sale, who value their brand the most and who therefore allocate the largest budgets to signage at the point of sale.

With the commercial work of the Xprinta network, you work for large account clients who are looking for a national supplier to manage their image throughout Spain.


Gain market share in your area

Xprinta has a very strong online presence and receives quotation requests from all over Spain, which are handled by the Xprinta point that manages each area.

Within our network you have even more visibility in your area, as you are a unique representative of the brand in your province and all quotes requiring local attention are managed by your company.


Unified national marketing

Part of the Xprinta budget is spent on marketing campaigns to publicise the projects carried out, the launch of new products and the promotion of the activity of the local Xprinta points.

A unified marketing strategy at brand and value proposition level, such as being the only 100% national supplier of signage, is a guarantee of differential positioning in the market.


Technology platform

As you know, national clients have large projects and managing them is not easy. At Xprinta we have online tools with private access for our clients with which they can monitor the implementation of their image throughout Spain at all times.

Very easy to use, they will allow you to provide the best customer service and work more efficiently and profitably within the Xprinta network.


Our own product line

At Xprinta we have developed several exclusive product ranges. Smart signage with integrated app, textile photo murals, LED sign holders… these are unique branded products that you can market as an Xprinta dot.

You will have at your disposal catalogues, technical documentation, online support… everything you need to add these products to your commercial offer and start selling.


Credit insurance

We have a CESCE default prevention insurance, which with its ORO policy covers up to 95% of the amount of credit sales we make to customers.

Work on Xprinta projects with the peace of mind that your payment is assured, even if the operation is financed.


Customer financing

With the peace of mind of being backed by default insurance, you can now finance customers with the two Xprinta options.

Finance in up to three interest-free instalments via FlexiPay or up to 48 months via eRenting technology leasing. With online application / authorisation and no paperwork hassle for customers.


Central purchasing

Working in a group also has the advantage that purchases are often made globally. This means getting good price and payment conditions with suppliers.

At Xprinta, it has been clear to us that maintaining our history of seriousness and open collaboration with our suppliers is the best way to work with the best prices and deadlines for both parties and to have a mutual benefit.


Design service

The design team at Xprinta’s head office takes care of the graphic plans, photomontages, etc. for the signage projects of network customers: this ensures a uniform and centralised service for this type of account.

The same team is at your disposal for 2D designs, photomontages and 3D renderings.

zone exclusivity

The Xprinta network is not designed to grow unlimitedly, but rather to have a sign factory in each province so that the end customer has professional commercial attention and a locally manufactured and installed product with unbeatable service and a competitive price.

Therefore, belonging to Xprinta immediately gives you the exclusivity of the area in your province; Our business is not focused on having more points, but on having more brand customers who buy signs throughout Spain.

Do you have any question?

No, Xprinta is a network of experienced sign manufacturers working under the Xprinta brand on national sign projects. Each one of the members of the network has a commercial agent contract that authorizes them to work with the Xprinta brand during the term of the contract. The operational functioning is similar to a franchise, in fact the legal framework is developed by Mundofranquicia.

No. Xprinta is yet another line of business that is added to your current sign company, in this case to be able to serve national clients with stores throughout Spain, to be competitive in this type of project and to be profitable at the same time.

We are looking for a network that is as homogeneous as possible and that covers all the needs of customers, so ideally it should have these characteristics:

– Own industrial warehouse
– Manufacturing capacity
– Installation capacity
– Graphic design applied to the label
– Minimum experience of 10 years

Our focus is not to have many Xprinta points but to serve the market of national clients who buy signs in the most competitive way possible. For this reason, an expansion of no more than 48 points has been projected throughout Spain and 2 in Portugal, exclusively in the corresponding area, which normally corresponds to the province.

Yes, at Xprinta we collaborate with local companies for measurements, installation and sometimes the manufacture of signs, lights, vinyl, etc. when there is not yet an Xprinta point installed in that area. Call us at 915052927 and we will be happy to have you

At Xprinta we are proud to have the trust of large suppliers for years now. If you want to be one of them, contact comercial@xprinta.com and we will be delighted that you form part of the network’s provider portfolio.

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